How to Never Clean Your House Again!

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House cleaning accompanied with many other obligations throughout a week can be very time consuming and difficult to accomplish. So, saving time on cleaning your house can make your life much easier and give you more free time to enjoy and relax. So, instead of constantly having to clean, you might try out developing some habits and you won’t have to worry about cleaning again!

  • Put away your clothes every night                                                                                                                 Man Holding Laundry Basket At Home

Whenever you’re about to toss all your clothes over the sofa, a chair, and on the ground, resist this temptation and fold your clothes. Take dirty clothes and immediately put them into a designated basket. Also, fold clean clothes and put them away into your wardrobe. This includes the outfits you are trying out and preparing for the next day, towels you use after bathing, as well as folding laundry as soon as it is dried. Do this constantly and make a habit out of it and you’ll be amazed how everything looks cleaner when there is no mess all around your house.

  • You don’t need extras

If you own too much stuff, it will take you too much space unnecessarily. Open your wardrobe and see what items you haven’t been using for a long time. The chances are you don’t actually need them at all. The less stuff you have, the less messy your house will be. Consider donating some of those or throwing away damaged and very old clothes.

  • Keep a paper trail to a minimum                                                                                                                  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Of all the documents, receipts, newspapers and mail keep only those that are really important and toss the rest out.

  • Wipe down every surface after use

Each time you use the sink, rinse it with water and a paper towel or a designated cloth. The same goes for your dining table, your shower, and even the tiles in your bathroom. Cleaning immediately after use will prevent bacteria, mold, stains and grease from building up around your home.

  • Don’t have your beds piled up with too much stuff

This is for practical reasons. A bunch of pillows, unneeded decorative sheets and blankets will take you too much time to make the bed when you get up.

  • Put your shoes and coats away

Avoid piling up our jackets and coats as well as your shoes, near the exit. Instead, put those in designated placed. You will need a closet for your shoes and hangers for your coats.

  • Never let dishes pile up                                                                                                                                 dishes_928px

If your dishes sit in the sink, not only will they quickly pile up but will also become infested with bacteria. To avoid this, keep your sink empty and clean.

  • Put things back where they came from

If you are preparing a meal in your kitchen, after you’ve done put everything where it was. This also refers to trying out clothes, using make-up items, studying and anything else. This will only take a few minutes and it will save you so much time if you don’t let things pile up.

  • Dust and vacuum on the regular

Instead of postponing everyday five-minute vacuuming for the all-day weekend house cleaning, try making a habit of dusting and vacuuming each day for several minutes. It’s much better.