Tips for Being a Great Homemaker

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We still live in a society in which household work is predominantly women’s responsibility. They are expected to clean, cook, organize, do some heavy lifting as well, and keep everything in harmony so that other members of the family could go on with their everyday lives without problems. Husband and children need to have food to eat and clean and ironed clothes to wear at any given moment.

Many women actually have careers in addition to keeping everything functioning properly in a household. It takes so much effort to juggle all these tasks each day. Whether or not you are a career woman or not, homemaking is a full-time job by itself and you’ll need as much help as possible to become great at it, especially if you are a newbie.

Carve Out Time



If you are not very good at being a homemaker, you’ll need to dedicate time to becoming a great one. If you don’t have kids and you are single, dedicate as much time as possible. Whereas, if you have small kids, dedicate some time to working on developing homemaker’s skills. Start by preparing meals every week, one or several, and think about what you would like to improve. It’s good to read some books about skills and knowledge you need to enhance.

Make a List


If you got married, and discovered you don’t know much of anything, then start making lists. This will help you keep plans, achieve certain aims, and remain motivated. So, you might start with a list of things you don’t know how to do that are your priority to learn. You can make lists about things to improve. It might look something like this:

  • Learn how to sew pillow cases
  • Find a recipe for brownies and make them
  • Make DIY decorations for the house
  • Make a dinner for the weekend and call friends

Do the Things from your List

After you’ve made lists, it’s time to start working on developing and improving those skills. Starting anything is the hardest part but afterwards it gradually becomes easier. So, it’s crucial that you motivate yourself to start. Begin by choosing one smaller task for a week. Find time and commit to working on that task.


If you want to become a great homemaker, you will have to spend some time studying. You should choose a particular skill you would like to master and study how to do it. If you are interested in decorating cupcakes, you should maybe join a class.

The key is to have initial interest and motivation for learning a new skill. This can become your hobby in addition to being a much needed skill of a great homemaker. If you love clothes and designing, you might consider taking sewing lessons.

Use the Internet to develop new skills. You can visit different websites, watch YouTube videos and tutorials. You might try creating a variety of do-it-yourself products and learning tips and tricks.

Give Yourself Grace

While learning anything, it’s important to stay motivated. If you start beating yourself down and comparing yourself to others, you might become overwhelmed and annoyed. You don’t need that and it would surely prevent you from succeeding at anything. So, pace yourself and take one step at a time. If you have no skills and everything is new to you, it’s not the end of the world. Just make a plan and strategy how you can accomplish them.

Don’t despair if you fail occasionally, but keep working and you’ll be great at it soon.